Dr. Wallstrom has had extensive experience performing court-appointed medical expert evaluations for San Bernardino County and Riverside County Superior and Municipal Courts, since 1996. Besides competency, sanity, substance abuse, and sex offender evaluations, he has provided numerous confidential evaluations for defense counsel per Evidence Code 1017. He is available for assessment of a wide range of forensic and individual issues.

Couples seeking to establish their relationship on a solid foundation prior to marriage, will find the premarital counseling and assessment experience informative, encouraging, and deepening. Often used are the Sixteen Personality Factor Test (16PF) and the ENRICH/PREPARE relationship inventories.


Dr. Wallstrom is available for consultations to organizations and churches. He has served as consultant and facilitator for ministerial development, and conflict resolution and reconciliation, for the Southern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists for many years. He has also done post-incident debriefing and conflict resolution in business settings.